Storage in file hosting services and servers, sending data via mail, messengers no longer guarantee data privacy. Mail mailers and instant messengers scan the transmitted content and store it forever, often there are data leaks even from the largest companies. (Documents, correspondence, maps, data of advertisers merge). Often, Personal Data is stored on the servers of companies in an open or unstable to hacking form, then through the vulnerability of the server or code this can lead to the leak of Personal Data of all clients. Not every company can afford a sufficiently qualified specialist in the field of personal data protection.


It is safe to store, transfer, and also receive personal data of customers. Make Money at the expense of companies that cannot afford enough qualified specialists in the field of PD protection. Optimize the load on requests between operators so that employees can work as efficiently as possible and at the same time have enough rest. European GDPR Data Protection Act

Product and Description

The service allows you to store and transfer important files for yourself. All data, including the user profile, is encrypted and does not leave the client in clear text. Neither attackers nor even the owners of the server can get their contents. Files in the service are grouped into so-called “packages”: this is an encrypted archive that can contain one or more files, for example (two spreads of the passport, all pages of the contract, etc.)

The keys to the created packages can be stored in the store protected by the master password of our service or recorded in any convenient place, even on paper. You can set the key yourself or use the generated by the service, convenient for dictation in person or by phone. The organization may request some data in free form from the user, and the user may provide a response to this request in the form of a package. For example, organizations for working with a client needed his passport and medical insurance. The user can respond with a package of documents and transfer the key to the manager in person, by phone or in another safe way.

A profile can have open (public) fields that the user wants to show to all other users. You can also store private fields (Questionnaire), and transfer them in response to organizations. For example, save the text data of the passport in the form of several fields and send them to the organization. You can create text files in the service itself and use all the features of the service for them. This can be convenient for quick response of the organization, storage of important notes, transfer of private information to another user. The company can keep customer cards inside the service. All sent files will be automatically attached to users’ files. From there, you can request missing data, make notes, assign statuses and responsible.

In the account, the organization creates operator accounts, assign customers to them and give them access to part of the cards and data necessary for work, as well as see all the results of their work. The ability of the company to establish a secure reception of Personal Data + the trust of people in the company due to this, to obtain and reduce the risks to its reputation for data flushing.

Developing a minimum storage Personal Data is expensive with tons of features and pitfalls. Not every large company will do such a service, much less a middleman and small companies. The service is simple enough, you just need to give the client a link or qr so that he uploads his package with personal data and here is his data from the organization, and is protected from interception and discharge.

User-friendly interface that solves the above tasks in a minimum of steps and time. Packages can be formed directly when responding to a request, add text data to it. Also, the use of QR to simplify the transfer of links and keys in person. Photographing documents from the service bypassing saving photos on the device.

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Market validation

Total revenue global information security market 2011-2019


Business Model

The service is free for the user at 10MB, with an increase in the volume of the plan for every 100MB the price is $ 50 For 100 corporate users, the predicted income is 10M Corporate plan increases for every 100G price of $ 20,000

Market size

124B Global sales of goods and services related to information security in 2019 3,524B Global spending on security related to the security of personal data in 2019 325,4M Personal data security market share. 10% of the available market.


Our secret sauce is proven and open encryption algorithms.


Storage and data management now

Now we can’t take the file, encrypt it with a one-way key without reading it by file hosting services. If we encrypt after downloading, file hosting will have the original file, and if the user encrypts his file, it means something valuable in it and therefore it should be stored even if the user removes it in his personal account. There is no mechanism that would distribute the load on managers receiving and processing orders. Some of the managers are slowly processing orders, while others are faster, there is tension and fatigue from processing. Now you can encrypt the file and upload it to the file hosting, but you need the other side to have some kind of program for decryption (which one?), You also need to understand this, and not just drop the file, save the key from it for transfer the second side and that’s it.



Competitive Advantage